Introducing TerribleHack X.
Exclusively available in M3 on Nov. 12th.

Most hackathons are about coming up with innovative new ideas and making plausible startup prototypes. TerribleHack has always been... err... different. This one is about having fun and programming for the sake of programming, even if it means to reinvent the wheel to be less efficient. This one is about Bing urself. Just don't do anything illegal.

Come for a day of wholesome hacking and listening in on the presentations!

Lunch and snacks will be provided!
We will try to close out the event towards 6-7PM, so dinner won't be covered.

Please help out by pitching in! (You may even get your product review eternalized on our new website)




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Welcome to the TerribleHack mafia.

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Maximum Effort

going beyond

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Innovation Innovation Innovation (2)

i feel disrupted now

Silly Goose

thank mr. goose

Fuck it, Ship it

0 shame

So simple, but so good


Theme fit


Feridun would be proud


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the people

Judging Criteria

  • Simplicity
    So simple, yet so good
  • Terrible
    v terrible hack, you're the worst
  • Technical Difficulty
    Wow, you've really done it this time mate
  • Dank
    Above and beyond

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